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Welcome to WHITE CANVAS, where threads tell tales of craftsmanship and sustainability's embrace. In the heart of India and Turkey, our creations come to life, born from the loom's dance and the Earth's gentle touch.

Sewn in Silence, Worn in Echo: Only hand-woven whispers and organic embraces adorn our pieces. Crafted in-house, where looms weave stories in rhythm, each stitch echoes the soulful traditions of India and Turkey.

Collections as Poetry: Heritage Weaves, a dance of threads echoing ancestry. Organic Elegance, garments that breathe GOTS-certified life. Each piece, a stanza in the lyrical ensemble of our conscientious fashion.


  1. Threads of Essence: Only hand-woven and organic fabrics, where each fiber resonates with purpose.
  2. Home of Craft: In-house creation, a canvas where tradition meets innovation.
  3. Cultural Symphony: India and Turkey, two worlds harmonizing in every stitch, a poetic dance in every garment.

Thank you for choosing WHITE CANVAS. In threads, we weave poetry, in each piece, a silent ode to the Earth and the hands that craft.



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